Alboasi Group

About Us

Albasi group

is one of the leading enterprises in provision of customs clearance services and its support services, started its operation in 1978 through providing services of customs clearance to begin a long journey of success spanning more than thirty years.

In order to provide an effective movement in the field of customs clearance, the group has sought to establish complementary activities with this field  through providing transport services of all kinds, procurement and importation, these services are being provided by a group of professional and relevant experts with high quality,proficiency and creativity, that led to configure a wide customer base locally and


Our Message

we commit to provide our services in all our various aspects professionally and in proficiency to achieve the trust and loyalty for our customers.

Our Vision

Strive for leadership in our various aspects through development of the service provision as quickly as required and staff development to get the desired efficiency and effectiveness and to cover all land, sea and airports within Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf.

Core values

- professionalism  

- Excellence and Quality

- Creativity and motivation